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Why did you choose to make Canterbury a donationware map?

- I didnt start off the project with the plan to take money for the map. However as the project stretched out over 4 months and took an estimated 500hours to produce I decided that the quality achieved was of high enough standard to be placed close to the default Berlin Map. Nearly every streetlight, roadsign and building have been placed as they are in reality using google streetmaps and furthermore I created 175 private models.

How do I purchase the donationware version?

- The map is now available to purchase directly from this website. Go to the download page using the navigation bar at the top of this page. The transaction is processed with Paypal and once you have paid for the map you will recieve the link to download the map.
Any problems with purchase? Just contact me using this link http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/user/7046-freeman1001/
You need to create an account in order to be able to Private Message (PM) me.

What do I get for donating?

- If you donate the £4 - then you get the full version of the Canterbury map and any update that occurs to the map will be free to you. For example, I do plan on releasing more routes over time. I also supply full support for my maps and will update bugs as quickly as possible.

How realistic is the map?

- Canterbury has been created to be as realistic as possible with the limitations of omsi and the objects available to me. Its impossible for me to create every single house but each house did get personalisation within the map to try and reflect them in real life. For the main areas, I created 175 models that are accurate to what they look like in real life.

Will this map run on my computer?

- During the testing phase performance tended to be very good. Sometimes in certain areas you may get lag on a low machine and in rush hour more computer power is needed. However, Canterbury isnt any more demanding than others maps.

For your information, these are my system specs:

Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E6850 @ 3.00GHz
4.00 GB RAM DDR2
NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT
Windows 7 64bit

How many routes are there?

- The routes included are as follows:
Park and Ride - Basic version and Donors Version
4S/6S - Donors version only
- Donors version only
23 - Donors version only

Check the indivdual information pages for route details and IBIS codes.

You claim the map is realistic, but the map drives on the right?

- Unfortunatly, left hand drive (LHD) splines did not get realeased until 3 months into development of OMSI. However I do plan to Convert Canterbury to Left hand drive at no extra cost.

Is there a depot?

- Yes in both versions there is a depot. In the basic version the depot is called the Temporary depot, because in real life that is not where the depot would be.
The Donors version has a very realistic depot, in the exact position that it stands in real life.

What is the Temporary Depot?

- That is the temporary depot because in real life it doesnt exist. I put that there to add a little extra to the map - however in the donors version you get a nice depot located in Herne Bay (as it does in real life)

Are there announcements included?

- Yes of course, there are some nice quality announcements. In real life there isnt any announcements but for the sake of OMSI ive decided to include them.

Are there tickets included?

- Yes there is some specialised tickets made by myself. These go alongside the new prices for tickets based on real life ticket prices in Canterbury. These are only in the donors version.

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